What Our Users Think About Us?

“AiHouse software is amazing. It has saved me a lot of time with their user-friendly tools and rendering setting. Nevertheless, 720 ̊ Panorama walk through effect is the best tools for customer presentation.”

Tom / M Extra Design / 2020

“AiHouse has became my best buddy of my works. I am having fun during my working hours now. Because this software works like playing an interior game. In the same time, I am able to manage my rendering work efficiently.”

Olivia Kiew / 2020

“Strong support team and practical training classes provided. The fast rendering image and the real effect of the images.”

Khor Joo Theng / Jiaxin Design / 2020

“I really like it, it improves my skill and my confidence”

Erik Loi / Chan Kitchen Furniture Sdn Bhd / 2020

“Fast rendering”

King Poh / SunyPlus Sdn Bhd / 2020

“Awesome software!!!”

Jazmi Abdul Karim / Entice Idea Sdn Bhd / 2020

“Simple, convenient, and easy to use”

Stephy Nam / Eleven Interior Design & Renovation Sdn Bhd / 2020

“AiHouse is a really powerful software, it helps our design team reduce more time on designing; and we are very satisfied with the final outcome”

Vivian Chan / Pongo Interior / 2019


Elvin Yew Boon Lin / PRO Kitchen / 2020

“Overall the software is convenient to use and save lots of time…”

Kelly Chen / Bellezza Ceramiche Sdn Bhd / 2020

“Fast, efficient and realistic the outcome of the 3D. Once we know how to use the software, it becomes easy and friendly user…Other than that, everything is good. Make my life easier.”

Iris Chin / Vilux Kitchen / 2019

“The rendering quite nice and fast.”

Janny Cho / JC Signature Design / 2019

“I was impressed by the quality of services by AiHouse would be an understatement. AiHouse offers a wide range of powerful suite of tools that every designer team must equipped with, Plus, their support team is super responsive whenever required. I’m using AiHouse to enhance the entire design process, and due to the easy adaptability of AiHouse, we can now complete our design tasks more efficiently while maintain quality!”

Moses Wong / ArtistryFabLab / 2020

“It’s smart choice to choose AiHouse. With AiHouse, our designers can work even faster and efficiently as they can carry on to the next drawing when the current drawing is rendering; and the most important is the rendering. The effect of any single item in the picture is better (it looks real) compared to the software that we provided using. Keep it up! We love it since we started using AiHouse.”

Jornes Sim / JTD Kitchen (M) Sdn Bhd / 2019

“A user-friendly software for interior designers, easy to use, speedy render, and its all online! No worries about Slow rendering due to low PC specifications. It also has a wide variety of models and materials in its library~ this is really an amazing evolution that help IDs to speed up the 3D drawing process. With AiHouse we can clearly present to our clients as all cabinet doors can be opened by just a single click. clients can now see the inner carcass compartment ‘s function. AiHouse provides excellent user support which help designers in regards to its technical issue. Lastly, the 720 panoramic render is just amazing!”

Remonces Lin / Remodons Design Sdn Bhd / 2019

“The first time I use it, I think it’s easy to get started, it’s easy to use, and a lot of things have been fixed for us, we just have to change the size and position based on the needs of customer. The rendering time is really fast, compared to the previous software, and it is simply much faster and looks better. My customer is very satisfied with the outcome of the rendering. I hope that AiHouse is able to achieve more and continue to create inspiration in the design world.”

Ms Carine / , Delazzen group Sdn Bhd / 2019

“The rendering effect is very nice like real time view. The lighting effect is able to create cozy ambience.”

Tina / Bien Interiors Sdn Bhd / 2019

“AiHouse is user-friendly and easy to use. The 3D rendering and 720 Panorama (virtual reality) walk-through effect is impressive. It is a good customer presentation tool.”

Vincent / VNT Design / 2019

“A happy designer makes a happy client. AiHouse is what every designer dreams of. It’s my life saviour. It comes with a user friendly interface that eases my work and produces a good outcome. All the design process is just one click away and I’m ready to present to my clients. Sangat memudahkan dan menyenangkan kerja saya.  Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan AiHouse. Terima kasih AiHouse.”

Farahhiyah Radzi / One Space Studio Sdn Bhd / 2019

“User friendly and mobile software.”

Mr Eric Chua / SUS builder / 2019

“InteriCAD’s rendering speed has certainly amazed me”

Ma JianKai / Design Director, Jie Yang Interior Design (Taiwan)

“Very good and realistic rendering effect; saves me alot of time on the rendering portion especially since I no longer need to wait for the computer to re-run the radiosity again if they are some amendments made to the design. The 720 Panorama function is very impressive and helps alot during presentation to clients.”

Alvin Mong / 2019

“Every time I present my proposal to my clients, they will be able to understand, visualize and approve the project easier. It has benefited me a lot in terms of production, time consumption, and good design presentation. I can say that InteriCAD is my partner to my success, so make it yours too. With this software, you’re in good hands and every design you make is a sure done deal. A lifetime investment I will not regret!”

Archt. Jessie C. Miranda / Licensed Architect of United Architects of the Philippines (UAP)

“ InteriCAD has helped me produce top quality photo-realistic 3D perspective for client to preview their future home. Client’s trust and confidence towards us has also increased tremendously. ”


Shirley Yeong / Director, Xensual Interior

“KD Max is a very user friendly and easy to learn software. With only one week of training, even our senior designer can master the software and start drafting the prefect design for the customer. KD Max only takes several minutes to finish drafting the design. Just by clicking a few commands, we can generate the 3D Perspective of the designed layout for the customer to see. It is definitely a worthwhile investment in this software.”

Mr. Johnthi / Marketing Manager of ORISS Sdn Bhd

“With InteriCAD, I can visualize my design proposal, or even pick out several popular designs and convert them into some beautiful scenes in iScan. This is especially useful when I meet my client for the first time, as I can show my proposal quickly and vividly in a more attractive way.”

Aidan Bennett / Director of Aidan Bennetts Design

“It’s amazing! InteriCAD is really impressive and surprising me as I able to produce a perspective within 20 minutes where I used to spent 7 hours! Personally I love the incredible rendering speed! My customers always looking for something fast and good and I have no problem at all since the InteriCAD did help me a lot to get customer’s satisfaction.”

Chee Kai Meng / Director, Metafore Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

“InteriCAD provide a solution to display many of my design in a very easy and fast way. I have been working very efficiently with the software. From my personal experience, you don’t need to take long to master this software, it is very user friendly. With the minimum of time, you can produce quality work that satisfies and meets your customers’ needs. I think everyone who has chosen InteriCAD is a winner, you win your customers with your design in the shortest period of time,”


FX Bambang Sapto Nugroho / , Director, Archiphoteyes (Indonesia)

“InteriCAD is extremely easy to learn, user friendly and fast at rendering out the outputs. Whenever there is a problem, the technician can easily guide me to solve it right away. This is a big advantage since we need to produce the design faster to catch the client’s heart.”

Ms. Allysher Low / Designer of Euphori Art (Malaysia)

“Previously, we need to hire a draftsman to draw the 2D floor plan, and each amendment takes about 1 week to update after discussion with clients. With InteriCAD, I can easily modify the project as wishes and our project negotiation process has shortened greatly!”

Mr.Jacinto / Project Manager of HIPP Consultancy (Belgium)

“This software has enabled us to deliver our commitment in providing value-for-money kitchen systems. Our customers are very satisfied, as they can visualize the final product before the ‘hammer’ is lifted. Also, this integrated software has increased our work efficiency tremendously over the years. It has made us to be able to strive and sustain in the competitive market!”

Mr. KC Tan / Managing Director of Signature International Berhad

“I am very impressed with the KD Max software. Not only is it affordable, but it is very comprehensive, versatile and user-friendly. The detailed and beautiful designs produced have impressed our customers and this has translated into more sales for our company. It is also a great tool that allowed us to customize to our specific modules and hence also communicate effectively without our production team at the factory thus reducing the production time. The excellent customer service, outstanding software and team, you guys have struck gold with this software!”

Mr. Desmond Sivanesan / Technical Manager of SCI Cabinet Industry Sdn Bhd

“KD Max provides one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly tools that greatly assist our designers in their work. It’s amazingly easy-to-operate and enabling us to generate stunning 3D visuals as well as detailed final working drawings. Our clients are satisfied that they are able to visualize their kitchen design within a short timeframe, KD Max has definitely fulfilled our needs and has set a new standard in our industry.”

Mr. Yeoh / General Manger of Bofi (M) Sdn Bhd

“We are indeed satisfied with the outcome of KD Max software. It provides an extensive pool of library, high speed 3D rendering and good quality visual outputs. Now, we are able to draft the proposal within a short timeline. Client can fluently visualize their future home in 3D perspectives. This has helped us to improve the communication between sales designer & client. Ultimately, our efficiency has increased and thus we are able to close the sales much faster compared to before.”

Ms. Ctze Wong / Director of FINE Design & Décor Gallery

“Ceramic King provides flexible tiling design features which are user-friendly and easy to operate. Our customers are satisfied as they can visualize the design within a very short timeframe. With Ceramic King, it is not only improves salesperson’s efficiency but it has also set a new standard in this industry.”

Mr. Tan Kian Teong / General Manager, Feruni Ceramiche Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

“There is no other software as easy and productive as Ceramic King. With just 1 day training class and a few practices, we can start to design just like a professional. Added with the fast rendering speed of the perspective, we can shorten the sales cycle and serve more potential clients!”

Ms. Kau / Branch Manager, White Horse Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)

“After we started to use Ceramic King software, our overall showroom sales have gone up. Not only the sales, our designers’ skills and performances have increased as well!”


Interceramic / Mexico

“I have tried different software and I still believe InteriCAD is the fastest at rendering 3D perspective. It really helps us to present the design and closing the deal faster.”


See Sew Leong / Director, D Creation Interior & Renovation

“InteriCAD is a good software, not only easy to learn and straight forward settings, the perspective can be generated quite fast with good quality as well. This is just what wants for a designing software.”


Chloe Lai Chee San / Interior Designer, Fantastic Red (Malaysia)

“I have been using InteriCAD since I started working, and I can say that there is no other software that is as user friendly as InteriCAD. Not only is it easy to learn, it is also very fast at rendering the perspective of 3D design.”

Chong Chun Wai / Interior Designer, Conven (M) Sdn Bhd

“How one present is very critical when closing a deal with client. With InteriCAD presentation tools, we can now smoothly present our design that is able to impress our client to choose us.”

Tang Yong Kuan / Designer Director, Oriwise Sdn Bhd

“With InteriCAD, I can visualize my design proposal, or even pick out several popular designs and convert them into some beautiful scenes in iScan. This is especially useful when I meet my client for the first time, as I can show my proposal quickly and vividly in a more attractive way.”

Mason Tiger / Director, Song Feng Workshop Inc (Taiwan)

“We have been able to design more easily with the InteriCAD computer aided system, especially the field, special effect and lighting aspect. So far only InteriCAD provides these additional features and this is what we wanted in design software.”

Kenneth Ngoi / Director, Ngoi YC Interior Designer (Malaysia)

“I’m one of the first generation of YFCAD user since 1995. Thus to me, this software is not just a design tool but a solution to help me to be successful in my career and business.”

Mr Sheng Wenda (China) / Interior Designer

“Since I’ve started using KD Max, I’ve been able to win every project after showing them the KD Max rendering. Previously, I need to hand sketch the idea for my client. If they would like to visualize the kitchen, then I would bring them to my previous client’s completed kitchen. Now I just need to draw out the kitchen design for my clients to see.”

Ms Androula / , Owner, Antoniou Cabinets (Australia)