D.Hauz Newsletter Issue 41
InteriCAD 8000 Grand Launch Tour Johor

Emili Sanchez Interior
Putra Height Bungalow – Malaysia

     Company: Nester Design
     Category:  Residential
     Software:  InteriCAD

The Design of the house emphasize on “Modernism” theme, where most of the furniture are of the same color theme and pattern.

Technical Sharing
  I create a scene, but it cannot save with light on and will pop out “out of memory”, why?


In YFCAD software, each surface will be automatically divided into many triangles in Render, and we call each triangle a patch. Patch is the smallest unit in a scene that is for calculating surfaces’ brightness in Radiosity (tuning on lights). The more the patches, the longer it takes to calculate lights. As a whole, we strongly suggest a scene’s patch should be controlled under 1.5 million. Otherwise, accidental issues such as saving failure or even program crash would occur.

Here is an example.

When performing Radiosity, we can see there are 2,487,372 surfaces (Here the surface shown in picture means patch) in the information bar. Obviously, the quantity is far beyond our limit. As a result, calculating lights becomes very slow, and it would probably pops out “out of memory” when save as *.mrs file with lights on.

To avoid these problems, we have to control the total quantity of surface under an acceptable range in these ways:

  1. Try to use less elaborate or detailed models in areas that cannot be seen in the final camera views.
  2. If using elaborate models are unavoidable, you may prepare several identical *.mrs file with lights off. In each *.mrs file, choose 1-2 camera view for saving image, and delete objects that are not in the chosen camera views.
  3. Use stencil texture to replace extremely detailed models such as trees, decorative walls and so on.

Software Highlight Career 

  IScan Software


  Job Title :
  Company Name :
  Location :
  Contact Person :
  Contact :
  Required Skill(s) :
  Description :

Genesis Cabinet
Klang, Selangor
Mr Yap
012-2732932 | andrewyap@maldvesdesign.com.my
Interior Designing Software
Interested candidates please do contact us.


  Job Title :
  Company Name :
  Location :
  Contact Person :
  Contact :
  Required Skill(s) :
  Description :

Interior Designer
Heritage Concept
Ara Damansara, Selangor
012-205 7722 | heritage98@hotmail.com
InteriCAD Software
Minimum 1 year working experience, with own transportation