Established in 2002 in Malaysia, TS Exim Sdn Bhd (“TS Exim”) with the sole idea of Revolutionizing the Malaysian and Singaporean Interior Design Industry.
In an era when setting up a 3D visualization department costs interior design companies tens of thousands of Malaysian Ringgit; limiting this service only to the elite few, TS Exim began distributing alternative 3D visualization software specializing in interior design capable of producing stunning 3D interior design perspectives at a fraction of the cost of other mainstream software.
This allowed home owners, and other property owners to enjoy the benefits of viewing their 3D perspective of their future property beforehand and provide necessary input prior to the actual construction and renovation; reducing “surprises” when they walk into their newly renovated properties significantly.
Fast forward to 2019 and thousands of satisfied clients later, TS Exim is now partnering with Guangdong 3vjia Information Technology Co., Ltd of China to introduce AiHouse, an interior design platform leveraging on Cloud Technology, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), and Big Data.
With AiHouse, TS Exim aims to provide the market with a slew of new technologies, including; AI-assisted Designing, Cloud Rendering, and Virtual Reality Technology to better assist interior designers to convey their design concept to the home and property owners.
The future of interior design is here and we have a ticket, would you like to join us for a ride?
We are more than happy to take you along with us.

Our Vision

Driving the Business of Interior Architecture and Home Products Through Technology

Our Mission


Seek out business opportunity that carries products and services important to the interior designers and architects.


Develop a sound business strategy and appropriate distribution channel to reach out to the customers.


To develop internal capabilities including human resources capital, financial resources and product knowledge to make sure we can harvest the best results from the business.

Human Resource Development

Provide support, training and good compensation scheme to the employees who provide their unreserved contribution to the company