KD Max provides you with a new experience in cabinet design. It’s an ideal sales presentation and communication tools. KD Max is specially made for cabinet manufacturing industry. The extensive library and features in KD Max will simplify your daily workflow, increase work effectiveness and efficiency, and ultimately impress your clients with your presentation. With the help of KD Max, anyone can be a cabinet designer. 2 days training is more than enough for you to grasp the software.

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Visualize Customer's Dream House in 15 Minutes

2’ Quick and easy room design

7’ Cabinet layout and readjustment

12’ Auto conversion to 3D scene for realistic presentation

15’ Auto generate quotation & various presentation outputs

Product Features & Functions
  1. Realizing Design in 3D

KD Max enables user to lay out cabinets, adjust size and material, and complete the design in 3D scene which can help simplify the design procedure and improve work efficiency.

2. Flexible Cabinet Design Tools

User can easily customize their preferred style of cabinet doors, panels and designs. Other elements such as handles, worktop, wine rack, and ceiling could also be edited to better suit with clients requirements. Additionally, with the latest update, users can now create their own model or structure to better enhance the design.

3. Real-Time Installation and Dimensional Check

KD Max embedded all cabinet with accurate dimensional size that upholds with the industry standard size. Users can modify the parameter setting of the cabinets to match with the clients requirements. A real time check will be activated to ensure there is no error in the installation and dimensions of the cabinets to avoid mistakes.

4. Smart Tiling Design

With the newly introduced smart tiling design, users can create a unique tiling design to match with your design proposal on the sport with just a few clicks. Clients can now view their complete dream house in single software, from cabinets, room layouts, furniture, kitchens to floor and wall tiling.

5. Massive and Comprehensive Library

With both built-in and unlimited online library database, users can easily drag and drop the models from the large pool of database and incorporate it in your design!

6. Enhanced Photo Realistic Rendering Tools

With the latest virtual reality technology, users can now easily edit the lighting and material effect to enhance the rendering effect. Added with he newly updated photon-mapping, you can now create a highly photo-realistic rendering.

Training Course

Training course

day 1

2D Design

Exporting to VR

Parameter Setting

Material Setting

Movement in VR

Product Layout & Edit

Material Edit


day 2

Wardrobe Design

Panel Installation

Make Door & Drawer

Sliding Door


Output Drawing

training class

kd max basic training
RM 636
Price with 6% SST

2 Days


Kindly contact Ms. Siah at 016 207 8964 for registration.