InteriCAD is a professional business solution for interior architecture and furnishing industries. With the latest cutting-edge technology, the software delivers a truly fast, impressive and accurate outcome which definitely able to shorten the sales cycle and ultimately boost a business.

Why InteriCAD?

1. 3-in-1 Mobile Presentation Solution! 

The breakthrough presentation tool that enable users to present their design proposal in a complete 360° panorama view across all mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, or computers!

2. Massive Library with More than 10,000 Models

Build-in Library with more than 10,000 models is ready for you to drag and drop in your design! Users can also access a greater pool of sources with the unlimited access to 3D models from the online library database.

3. Material Mapping

User can apply special material effect to enhance rendering effect and create highly photo-realistic drawing. Special effects including reflection, gloss, mat, transparency, or so on can be done easily by InteriCAD.

4. Real Time Light Editing

InteriCAD provides a “What-You-See-is-What-You-Edit” mode. Users can now makes the lighting, material and object editing easier and faster.

5. Clone Object

Users can now pick any elements from clone object library and reuse it in a new project, including material, lighting and 3D objects. You can also add your design into this library for future usage.

6. Flat Panel Design

Users can enjoy the flexibility on modifying any panels and doors with parameter setting for more creative designs.

7. Kitchen Cabinet Design

With the new added build in modular system library for cabinet design, users can easily finalize various kitchen design; cabinet and worktop details.

8. Tiling Design

This function enables users to create flexible tiling design in an easier way. Users can also add in their own tiles pattern into the system.

9. Special Material Effect

InteriCAD provides users a variety of selection in effects that suit to different type of materials.

10. Various Presentation Outputs

“A picture paints thousand words”. InteriCAD is able to provide you with various presentation outputs of your design to be presented to your clients with a minimal command.

11. Presentation on iScan Solution

Users can output their design into iScan to present their design proposal in a more innovative and interactive way.

Software Comparison



InteriCAD T6 Plus

InteriCAD 8000




2D Modeling


Build In

AutoCAD Required

3D Rendering




3-in-1 Mobile Presentation Solution



Clone Object

More Scenes Available

Ceramic Tiling Design

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Flat Panel Furniture Design

Online Library

iScan Maker

Distance Display

Output with Logos


14.0 VR Platform

Convert 2D to 3D

Flexible Modeling Function

Fast Rendering Engine

Photon Render

System Library & Additional Library

Library Manger

Export Downloaded Models

Smart Library

Standard Quotation

Panorama Pictures

3D Drawing

Working Drawing

Animation Maker

Exterior Design

Free Updates

YFUPDATE For Automiatic Update of Software


Input File Compatibility

.dwg, .dxf, .3ds, .skp, .mtf

.dwg, .dxf, .3ds, .skp, .mtf

FAQ and Training Video Updated in Support Centre


Training Course

training course


Exporting to VR

Movement in VR

Camera Setting

Product Library

Object Edit

Clone Object

Material Edit




Save Library

Tiling Design


Kitchen Design

Wardrobe Design


Modeling Design

training class

INTERICAD T6/8000 training class
RM 1,272
Price with 6% SST

4 Days


Kindly contact Ms. Siah at 016 207 8964 for registration.