AiHouse is a high-tech pioneer of 3D cloud designing, cloud manufacturing, AI and Big Data in home furnishing industry, transforming furniture purchasing and home designing with its integrated online platform.


Latest Sample perspective done by AiHouse Users

Why Malaysian Interior Designers Use AiHouse?

1. Marketing And Presentation

With 720 Panorama, it can provides user with an immersive virtual reality environment to maximize design impact.

With cloud rendering servers, we take only 3 minutes to render a photo realistic 3D perspective and it able to render multiple perspectives concurrently.

2. Smart Lighting Function

The renderings automatically adjust the placement and intensity of the lighting, shadows, and chamfering.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based
– Recommendation for Models and Materials

With over 45 million (and growing…) models and materials; AiHouse is able to recommend similar models and textures based on real life pictures and/or photos.

4. Multiple Drawings Output

Able to output rendering, panoramas, CAD, technical diagrams and quotation list to meet different needs in a single click.

5. Intelligent 2D-3D Generation

Ability to recognize 2D floorplan images and automatically convert them into 3D models.

6. Smart Layout With Multiple Styles for the Whole House

Using artificial intelligence (AI), AiHouse is able to determine the buildup of an interior environment and provide users with furniture recommendations based on their desired interior concept.

7. Quotation

Automatically output quotations based on your design into excel for easy calculation and lesser human error rate.

Unique Features

Kitchen & Wardrobe Design Module

Parametric Design

Massive cabinet combination library, allowing fast modification and meeting different needs, quickly complete the design of custom cabinets, improve service efficiency.

Non-standard Cabinet Design

Parametric design of various custom cabinets, for the irregular structure, easy to solve non-standard design problems such as avoiding beams and columns

Smart Decoration of Accessories

Abundant cabinet accessories, to meet various style design and quick replacement, cabinet, wardrobe. One-click smart decoration makes design more efficient.

Accessories Installation

One-click automatic installation of countertops, handles, cornice, skirting, plinth and hardware accessories, etc.

Professional Countertop Design Function

Smart installation makes it easy to design complex shaped countertops, to meet various designers need.

Multiple Ways of Tiling

Precise, parametric, intelligent, batch and free tiling.

Freely Upload Water Jet Parquet

Freely upload waterjet parquet, meet the high-profile creativity, paving tile easily.

Elaborate Drawings Guide Paving

One-click output colourful tiling-integrated map with measurement info, tile materials list, and construction drawing.

Quotation for Tiling and Bathroom


Ceiling, Door, Electricity & Plumbing Module

Free Design of Wall Panel System

Customized design of different pattern, and freely design of border and replacing of any pattern.

Parametric Design Complex Ceiling

Parametrically draw rectangular, circular, multi-segment ceilings, freely design a variety of ceilings to meet various?

Intelligent Hydroelectricity Design Function

Intelligent generation of hydroelectricity drawings, smart installation of switches under systematic control

Professional Wooden Door Design Function

Parametric design of the door type, quick and free replacement of the door core, handle and locks.

Software Comparison
  AiHouse Brand 3 Brand S Brand K
Model upload limit 5000/lifetime 50/lifetime
Texture upload limit 5000/lifetime 100/lifetime
Project limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 100/lifetime
Cloud syncing
Malaysian Brand Gallery
Tiling Customized Function
Cutting List for Tiling Design
Panel Furniture Customized
DWG Technical Drawing for
Panel Furniture
Ceiling Customized Function
Door & Window Customized
Auto Quotation
Auto Generate DWG Technical
Drawing for Whole House
Cloud Library 30+ Million
Self Service Self Service 1+ Million
Ai Smart Recognition for floor
HD, UltraHD & 4K renderings Unlimited 200/month
Rendering Engine Built In Third Party
Third Party
Built In
Rendering Time 2~3 mins 30~60 mins 30~60 mins 2~3 mins
Ai Smart Lighting for Rendering
720 Panorama Unlimited Third Party
Third Party
Email Support
Video-based Training
Online Consultative Support
Enterprise Version

Enterprise version of AiHouse is also available to suit your corporate requirements.

Kindly contact Raymond @ +6016 229 7718 if you have any questions or need additional information.

Training Course

training course


Build Room Structure

Mater Bedroom Design

Living and Dining Room Design


Day 2


Ceiling Module


Training class

AiHouse basic training
RM 954
Price with 6% SST

2 Days


Kindly contact Ms. Siah at 016 207 8964 for registration.